Thursday, April 25, 2013

Election Season

Just a quick update today on the political situation in Bulgaria.  Some of you may remember the demonstrations earlier this year across the country that caused the government to resign.  Elections will be held on May 12th to elect a new government.  This means that election season is in full swing.  Every day I see adds on my Facebook news feed encouraging me to vote for one party or the other.  Of course I will not be voting.  Like most republican countries, Bulgarians tend to frown on non-citizens casting ballots.  I only wish my lack of citizenship had some power to prevent the daily advertisements.

I tend to stay out of local politics in Bulgaria.  I have my opinions to be sure.  Everyone has an opinion.  Yet, I always remember that I live in Bulgaria as a guest of the Bulgarian people.  It is their country to run.  I have no right to live here any more than a Canadian has a right to live in Texas.  Still, I can't help but be interested in the direction my host country will move in the next few weeks.

Please pray for wisdom for the Bulgarian people as they make an important decision about the direction of their beautiful country.