Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Meeting

Recently Sasha and I learned of a missionary couple that, once a week, takes their kids and goes out for coffee or breakfast or something similar.  While the kids play they discuss their plans for the week.  Upon hearing this Sasha recommended that we try doing something similar, so three weeks ago we had our first ever planning breakfast.

I must admit, I had my doubts as to whether or not this would be a good use of our time.  After all, we see each other every day, why would we need this time together to plan out the week.  We have had nearly 10 successful years of marriage and ministry without any planning meetings, but being the good husband I am and recognizing that most of Sasha's ideas are good ones, I gave it a try.

I have to say, taking the time like this to sit down and discuss what we want to accomplish during the week has been very helpful.  For starters, it serves as a time to get all our expectations for the week on the table.  This minimizes surprises.  Previously I might have had plans to meet with so and so on Thursday afternoon, but forgotten to tell Sasha.  Meanwhile, she planed to take the kids to their friend's house for a play date at the same time.  Having only one car available, such a conflict could be a cause for much tension, or at the least require us to cancel on someone.  By laying out our plans, we have a chance to juggle the schedule before conflicts arise.

These meetings also provide a time for us to reflect on what we have accomplished in the previous weeks and seek the other's advice on how to move forward in the future.  We decide together what are the most pressing issues, and what tasks should be postponed for later in the week.  This all may seem simple, but taking an hour out of our schedule once a week has thus far proven to ultimately save time.

It also helps to realign ourselves emotionally and spiritually.  A one-on-one breakfast with my wife is always a pleasure, and something that has become increasingly rare as our family has grown.

I am now at the point where I would highly recommend such a practice for other couples, especially couples who are in ministry together.  A little realignment can keep us in tune with each other and with our Lord.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Thanksgiving is coming, and as Thanksgiving is a family time, we figured that now would be a good time for a family update.
Sophie has been doing kindergarten at home.  She is learning the alphabet (in both English and Bulgarian), numbers, history, geography, and has already read three books.  She much prefers writing her name with the Bulgarian alphabet.  We figure this is probably because the letters make more sense in Bulgarian.  For example, in English "ph" makes the f sound, and "f" makes the f sound.  In Bulgarian it is just one letter.  Hence, her name is easier to spell.
Veronica is enjoying being a big sister and a little sister at the same time.  Mommy is home-schooling her as well, though not as intensively as her big sister.  She loves playing with her sisters.  She is usually pretty easy going, and loves to snuggle with everyone.  She is very excited to move to Bulgaria.
Alexis is about to turn two.  She loves to talk, though she does not always  make sense.  She also loves watching cartoons and playing with her dolls.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Visa Update

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for David's visa application.  Yesterday morning we received a call from the Bulgarian Consulate in Chicago.  They needed a copy of Sasha's passport to continue with the visa application.
It was not a problem.  David ran over to our local Office Max where the friendly and helpful staff faxed a copy of the main passport page that David had made.
Though a small amount of work was created by this phone call, it was actually a welcome call.  It meant that the good folks at the consulate have not only received David's application, but that they are looking at it and processing it.
Please continue to pray that the application will go through quickly and without any problems.
62 days until departure!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Looking for a Home

Though we will not be in Bulgaria until January, we have already begun searching for a home.  True, we cannot actually view any possible houses our apartments from here, but we can do research on what neighborhoods will be the most strategic to live in.
Selecting a home is a very important decision for any family.  The home has to be affordable, in a neighborhood that suits the needs of the family, and if the family has kids, there is a whole new set of considerations.  In the case of families in ministry, the selection of a home is even more important.  Where we will will also largely be where we do ministry.  With all the factors to consider, it seems impossible that anyone could find the ideal location, which is why, as we do our research and seek the Lord's guidance, we ask you to please keep the search process in your prayers.  Please pray that God would direct us to the ideal home in the place He wants us to live.  Pray also that we would be receptive to His leading.