Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Kind of Christian Should I Be?

“What kind of Christian should I be?”
It's a question many ask?
For though I am saved by grace,
It seems I have a task.

I could be a famous Christian!
A mega church I could pastor.
All my books would be best sellers.
Social media I would master.

Yet that path could be quite dangerous.
Though my teaching all would see;
Popularity would become my god,
Others would worship me.

I could be an important Christian.
In the boardroom I could meet.
I could share my great strategic plans.
Sit as chairman in a seat.

Yet somehow that’s not fulfilling.
I could plan all day.  It’s true.
But with all of my great thinking,
Is there anything I would do?

I could be a comfortable Christian.
I could work hard for myself.
Leave the ministry to others.
Keep my faith up on the shelf.

What would be the point of that?
In this life I’d get ahead.
I would live a life of luxury,
And then someday I’d be dead.

The Christian walk isn’t easy.
No promise of fortune or fame.
Even Jesus suffered greatly.
We as Christians bear His name.

But God made you for a purpose.
He gifted you to thrive.
It’s when we abide in Him
That we truly come alive.

Be who He made you to be.
I don’t promise happiness or fun.
You may lose much in the world.

But it’s worth it for “Well Done.”