Friday, January 21, 2011

House Search

We are staying in the city of Kostenez about a 45 minute drive away from Sofia.  It is a nice little town, and the place where Sasha grew up.  Life here moves at a relaxed pace.  We are surrounded by beautiful mountains, and the air this time of year is filled with the smell of the wood burning stoves which heat many of the houses here (including ours).  We are living in one half of a small two family home in Sasha's parent's back yard.  It is a one bedroom dwelling with a small kitchen, and it is just a few steps away from Sasha's Dad and Mom's home.  All three of our girls are sleeping in the bedroom, and Sasha and I sleep in the living room on a fold out couch.  It is a nice little place, with all the essential comforts.

As nice as our temporary home is, we do not intend to stay here for long.  Sasha has spent a good part of this past week on the phone with realtors trying to arrange as many showings as possible for a home for us to rent.  One realtor in specific is attempting to arrange several showings on the same day so that we can see many potential homes in one visit to Sofia.  Sasha's Dad and Mom have kindly volunteered to take care of the girls so I can take the trip to Sofia with Sasha.  We were hoping to see these houses tomorrow, but now it looks like the showings will not be set up until Monday.  Hopefully, this will be the only viewing trip we will have to take, and we will find and rent a home by the middle of next week.

Please pray that our Lord would quickly direct us to the perfect home in the perfect location at the perfect price.

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