Monday, February 21, 2011

Fire in the Kitchen

We have a gas/electric hybrid stove in our kitchen at our new home.  Yesterday, for the first time, we turned the gas side on, and lit the stove.  Everything was going well for a few minutes, but we noticed a strong gas smell.  This smell was stronger than it should have been as the flame should be burning out the artificial sent added to the gas to allow the human nose to detect a gas leak.

It was not long before Sasha's acute eyes detected that there were flames coming from the drawer just under the range!  These flames began growing quite quickly, and David swiftly ran to the other neighboring room to shut the gas off at the source and extinguish the flame.

There was no damage to the kitchen or any of our kitchen supplies.  Our ladle was a bit warm, but everything was intact.  David removed the drawer and found what he thought to be the source of our problems, but he did not dare try to fix it as this was gas we were dealing with.  A mistake could cause a quick and fiery end to our new home (and likely us along with it).  Rather we contacted the land lord and asked him to send someone from the gas company to come take a look at it.

Apparently, whoever installed the range did not properly attach the hose to the gas pipe.  According to the gas man, we were fortunate that there was not an explosion.  God was surely protecting us.  Thank you to those of you who were praying for us.

Everything is hooked up properly now.  The stove is working and we have no more smell of gas.  Still, we may just stick with electric for a while.


  1. Oh Sasha, how frightening. Praise the Lord indeed for his protection. We have gas ranges here too for cooking and they frighten me all the time. I'm so happy you are safe!

  2. Wow! So Glad all your senses were working and that the family is safe. Thank God!