Friday, April 1, 2011

Mr. Pizza

Last week we ordered our first home delivered pizza since moving to Sofia.  We found a local pizza place online.  The following is written on the main page of the website in English.  We have not altered anything:

Mr. Pizza is the good gentleman
who takes care of your belly.

Hello to all of you, connoisseurs of true
gastronomical perfections. Every
self-respecting person is striving
to satiate the demands and fancies of their belly.
When you eat, you're not
just satiating your hunger.
You are taking care of yourself,
you are bringing unparalleled joy and
giving your respect to the most natural
of human needs. The need for food
and pleasure. Mr Pizza knows that each
'detail' of the 'eating' ritual is of
a great importance. And that's why
he has created a fairytale oasis, 
where you can indulge in your
culinary passions, uninterrupted by
any outside factors. The gastronomical
art is a supreme form of self-expression
and of giving respect to the whole of
humanity, as well as to each 'consumer'
personally. Our 'kitchen gurus' know how to turn
the various foodstuffs into a
masterpiece fit for your stomach.

After reading that, we had to try their pizza.

Our bellies were indeed satisfied.

Here are a few pictures of this amazing pizza :)

We also got to try these yummy cookies from a cute little shop called "100 grama sladki" (100 gr. cookies)"
Lots of good eats in Bulgaria.  Come try them!

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  1. Wow, that proprietor is a poet. I want to fly to bulgaria to experience that pizza. If only I could afford the airfare...and learn to speak bulgarian.