Thursday, October 27, 2011

Language Learning Update

Earlier this week I finished up my second language course.  This was both very exciting, and well ahead of schedule.  I had intended on sticking with this language program until I at least finished the third course and I still intend on doing so, but I'm going to significantly lower the hours I attend the language school for the third course.

Why you ask?  For several reasons.  First of all, though I have only finished the second course, according to my native speaking wife, I am very close to where I need to be to work in full time ministry here.  I'm not quite there yet, but I can definitely lower my hours and still get there well ahead of schedule.  The one thing that is significantly missing in my Bulgarian is my theological vocabulary.  This brings us to the second reason I am lowering my language school hours.  I need more time to learn theological terms in Bulgarian.  By lowering my school hours I will have extra time to study theological material with a beautiful Bulgarian woman who has a degree in Bible theology and biblical Greek (Sasha).

I have often heard the term, "God's economy."  This term refers to, among other things, how events that seem to have no connection, and in some cases may even appear to be a waste of resources, can come together to in a way no human could have planned.  This is certainly the case now.  Had Sasha and I not learned Polish together years ago, we would not be in a good position to evaluate my language progress now and make wise decisions regarding what my next steps should be.  Had Sasha not studied theology she would not have the vocabulary in both languages to teach me what I now need to know.  As it stands, I have the perfect teacher for the next phase in my Bulgarian development living in the same house as me fully equipped and ready to give me free lessons.  All this happened through what would appear to be random and unconnected circumstances.

"I love it when a plan comes together."  -Col. Hannibal Smith

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