Monday, February 13, 2012

More Snow

The extreme winter weather in Bulgaria this year has made life significantly more difficult.  Roads are hopelessly blocked with snow and ice in some regions, and in other regions serious flooding is a major problem. We live in the capital city and most roads are still very difficult to navigate.

This morning we were on the way to drop Sophie off at school and we turned around after about a half kilometer of driving as we realized that there was no safe way to get here there.  I'm trying to use the car as little as possible.  It is a very nice car, but it is not made for driving through six inches of snow on a regular basis.  It is rear wheal drive and rides low to the ground.  It has gotten stuck several times already this winter.  Had we attempted to complete our drive to school this morning we would certainly have ended up stuck again.

Pray for thawing in the frozen parts of the country and drying in the flooded parts.  It's pretty bad right now.

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