Thursday, May 10, 2012

Take Down

On the way home from a meeting this afternoon, Sasha walked past a group of about 15 men in masks armed with machine guns who had several guys laying face down on the ground in handcuffs.  This of course peeked her interest, so we made it a point to watch the evening news to see if we could get the whole story.

It turns out the police performed a major operation today.  In this operation they arrested notorious mobsters known as "The Hamster," and "The Eyes."  Sasha witnessed the arrest.

One of the arrested mobsters is already out.  The Hamster will likely remain in jail until tomorrow.  I think they are out on something like bail.

The mafia has quite a presence in Bulgaria.  In our neighborhood there is another big mob boss known as "The Tractor."  He lives just down the block.  He has been under arrest at least three times since we moved here.

Two more weeks until the move!

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