Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Case for a Creator

I just finished Lee Strobel's book The Case for a Creator.  It is the third book in his "The Case for" series.  I've read his other books The Case for Christ, and The Case for Faith.  All of them are quite well written.  All three investigate the issues (respectively) of weather Jesus' and his disciples' claims about Him are valid, the Christian Faith is valid, and the thesis that the universe was created by a personal creator is valid.  Lee does so through a series of interviews with experts in various fields of theology, philosophy, and science.  He pelts the experts with difficult questions and records their answers.  He leaves the reader to come to his own conclusion of the evidence, though Lee's conclusions are quite obvious.

I prefer The Case for Christ over the other two, because through the process of writing that book Lee moved from an atheistic world view to becoming a follow of Jesus.  As such, his questions seemed far more probing then in the following two books because there was a side of him that really wanted to prove Jesus' claims to be false.  The fact that he then comes around and becomes a Christian made quite a powerful impression on me when I read it years ago.

That being said, The Case for a Creator is a great book in its own right.  Unlike the other books, this does not make a clear cut case for Christianity.  There are several faiths that hold to a personal creator.  They may also find arguments for their viewpoints in this book.

I picked up this book mostly for the scientific information it contained.  I long ago made up my mind about the universe being not only created, but fine tuned by a creator.  If a tornado goes through a junkyard and the next morning you find a perfectly working jet aircraft sitting there; you would not make the assumption that the tornado randomly formed the jet from garbage.  You would assume that someone made the jet and then it was placed in the junkyard.  When we see intricate systems we assume intelligent design.  The universe is far more intricately put together then any human contraption.  Therefore design by a super-intelligence seems to me to be a logical conclusion.

I enjoyed reading the arguments from science and philosophy.  I came to my own conclusions on each one, and if you are someone interested in the scientific evidence for creation I would highly recommend this book.  Read it and come to your own conclusions.  Either way, your life will be richer for having explored the profound mysteries of our origins.

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