Monday, February 4, 2013

Interesting Places in Bulgaria

Most of you have never been here.  So I decided it might be fun to do the occasional post on interesting places in Bulgaria.  I'm starting out today with what is one of my favorite buildings in Sofia.  We stumbled upon it one day while out for a drive on Vitosha Mountain.  This mountain is home to some of Sofia's nicest neighborhoods, so beautiful homes are not uncommon.  Yet I was not prepared for Sasha's outburst when we passed an interesting building.

She exclaimed, "Look at that!  What is that!."  I was a bit afraid that something serious was happening like the eruption of Vitosha or a large lizard ravaging downtown Sofia.  She made me turn the car around, and that's when I saw the snail house.

We did some research on this lovely little gem of a home.  It turns out that it is made from a special mix of concrete that makes it very energy efficient.  We just love the way it looks.  It is a family home, not a daycare, school, or business.  It is about 4 stories tall, and there is a nice balcony right behind the snails head.  I have never seen pictures of the inside, but really, do we need to see the inside?  The outside tells us enough about the owners.  I can only imagine that they are fun people.  I mean after all, they live in a giant snail.

Come to Bulgaria!  See the snail house.

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