Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Let me tell you about one of my favorite structures in Bulgaria.  Tsarevets is a fortress on a hill in the former Bulgarian capital of Veliko Turnovo.  To enter the stronghold an invading army would have two choices.  Either they could cross the long and narrow bridge to attack the main gates, or they would have to scale the cliffs to attack the outer wall.  Either way would be very difficult and costly.

The stronghold did eventually fall.  On July 17, 1393 the Ottoman Empire succeeded in taking and burning the fortress.  This event marked the fall of the Bulgarian Empire, and for 500 years Bulgarians would suffer as slaves before regaining their freedom in the late 19th century.

The stronghold remains to this day, and an evening light show now tells the story of the fall of the fortress.  It is quit the sight.  I would recommend a visit to Tsarevets to anyone who has an interest in Bulgarian or Ottoman history.

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