Monday, July 29, 2013

Portoroz Update

The conference in Portoroz has been wonderful!  Once again ServeEurope has put on a great ReachGlobal conference.  Not only has the conference helped us refresh and refocus, but there have also been some personal celebrations.

The first personal celebration was Veronica's 7th birthday!  She is getting bigger and more beautiful every day.  It was very special to have another birthday at the sea with our second-born.

The second personal celebration was Sophia's baptism.  Yesterday Sophie publicly declared her faith in Jesus in front of our fellow ReachGlobal Europe staff.  It was a wonderful day for all of us.

Though the conference has been great, we barely made it here.  A kilometer away from the hotel our car overheated.  The radiator needs to be replaces, and the mechanic has ordered the appropriate parts from Germany.  Right now we are without a car and hoping the parts makes it in time to be installed before we have to leave Wednesday morning.  If it is not here, we will be stuck in Portoroz.  Please pray that the car will be ready for us to leave Wednesday morning.  We are thankful to God for getting us here safely, and we trust Him to get us home.

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