Monday, December 23, 2013

Guests From Poland

On Friday, two of our closest friends and their two daughters arrived to spend Christmas and New Years with us.  It is a joy to have them here.  They are like family to us.

Of course, this means that Polish and Bulgarian are waging a war for the second language spot in my brain.  That's how it goes though.  Sasha doesn't have the dueling language problem.  English is like a first language to her now, so Polish sands unopposed in the second language spot.  As a result, her Polish far surpasses mine.  I am please that I still understand so much.  I have lost very little in my understanding.  I may have even gained some.  Speaking comes slowly, and it requires much more thought than Bulgarian.  But it is coming back to me.

Yesterday Paweł, my Polish friend, and I went out for burgers.  We both expressed how great it is to be together this Christmas.  We are not family, but her daughter refers to me as wojek (uncle).  They are like a brother and sister to me.

I have a dream team of three families that I would like to have join our team in Sofia.  Paweł and Ola are one of the three.  Of course it will be difficult to convince them to leave their jobs at the University in Szczecin, and move to Bulgaria but stranger things have happened.  We can always pray.

My only complaint about their visiting is that it is only for two weeks.  That's not long enough for friends such as these.

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