Thursday, February 20, 2014

Missing America Moment.

I have been in Bulgaria for over three years.  Yesterday Sasha and I figured out that I have been away from my birth country longer than she has ever been away from hers.  It has been 37 months since I was last in America.

I've grown quite comfortable here.  I love America, but I have no strong desire to go back.  I miss Chicago style pizza and good Tex Mex, but one can survive without these things.  If I were back in America I would probably miss Shepard's Salad made with fresh Bulgarian vegetables and smothered with feta cheese.

Yesterday however, I did have a bit of a missing America moment.  I was driving through construction and down narrow roads.  I pointed out to Sasha that in America this narrow road would be wider and have shoulders with ample parking.  We would not have the fear of knocking off someone's rear view mirror as we drive to the mall.

Sasha agreed that indeed none of these things would happen in America.  If we were back in the mid-west the roads would be wider.  However, she was quick to point out that in the mid-west driving would not be any less stressful.  The roads are currently covered in snow and ice.  At least other cars and people theoretically avoid being hit.  When was the last time a snow drift jumped out of your way?

Every country has its good and bad aspects.  The secret to enjoy life in different countries it to focus on all the good things and ignore the bad.


  1. Don't mention Shepard's salad, please! That is definitely something I'm missing from Bulgaria. The taste of real organic veg and good feta cheese :))
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin, dear?


    1. Living in London sounds fun! I know some people there but have never visited myself. You are right, there is nothing like Bulgarian produce. Peppers are my favorite vegetable, and Bulgaria rocks in the pepper department.