Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What is a Bulgaria? Part I

2015 has arrived, and we in the Bliss household are starting to make plans for our return to Bulgaria.  Our oldest daughter is frustrated by the fact that almost no one in America knows anything about Bulgaria.  She may be a bit hyperbolic in her commentary on American ignorance, but she does have a point in that the small country in southeastern Europe that we call home is not well known in America.  So I’ve decided to share a little something about Bulgaria every week for the next few months as we count down to our departure.

This week I’m going to start with where Bulgaria is.

This is Europe.

If you look at down to the lower right, you will see Turkey and Greece.  Bulgaria is just to the north of them.  (On this map it is brown.)

Here is a closer map.

As you can see, it borders 5 countries (Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey) and the Black Sea.  This put it on the communist side of the cold war in the 20th century, and on the Ottoman side of Europe for most of the 500 years before that.

So now that you know where Bulgaria is, I can tell you more about it.

Next week.

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