Sunday, March 6, 2011


A last year, Sophie was reading a book that discussed the job of a vet.  After looking at the pictures, she decided she wanted a pet.  We told her that when we move to Sofia, we will get her a hamster if she can prove that she is ready for one.

Since we moved into the house, Sophie has been working hard trying to prove that she is responsible enough for a hamster.  She never forgets anything, and she reminded us of what we said months ago.  She has been very good at taking care not just of herself, but of her sisters, and other household needs as well.

Sasha and I were getting a little worried about fulfilling our promise in a timely manner because we had not found a pet shop here yet, but this evening on our way home from an outing we saw one right in our neighborhood.  After supper, daddy and daughter went to pick out a hamster and a cage.

Sophie sang, danced, and trembled with excitement as she picked out a small gray female dwarf hamster.  We packed her in her newly assembled cage and brought her home.  (Sophie carried the food and bedding.)

On the way home she thought of a name.  Her little hamster is called "Jessa."  Jessa ran around the cage the whole way home, and for a good half hour after we got back to the house.  Then she fell asleep.  Sophie, being a good owner, also quickly and quietly went to bed as she did not want to wake Jessa up.

It is so much fun to watch our little girls grow and develop.  It is hard to believe one of our girls is not ready to take care of another living creature.  Well, I should say, she is ready to help taking care of another living creature.  We fully expect that when cage cleaning time comes, it will somehow turn out to be Daddy's job, but hey, that's what my Dad did when I had a hamster, and I want to be a good parent like him.

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