Monday, March 7, 2011

A Trip North

Sasha has organized a two person trip to a town in northern Bulgaria.  It should only be a day trip if all goes according to plan.  She and a missionary from OC will be up early Wednesday morning to catch the bus.

In this town they will be visiting an orphanage and delivering some nutritional supplies provided by Christians from America specifically for this purpose.  They will also be checking in on a little girl who is in the process of being adopted by a couple in the U.S.  She is severely malnourished, and it is for her that this trip is taking place.

Growing up in a state run orphanage in Bulgaria can often be a nightmare.  The children are under government care, and, as in most countries, the government tends to run things with all the care and kindness of a stack of papers.  Children in such a situation are without hope, and when mentally handicapped like this little girl, the situation is even more hopeless, and the care even more miniscule.  The girl Sasha is going to visit is 9 years old, yet she weighs as much as a baby and is still eating through a bottle!

Please pray for safe travels for Sasha and her companion, and that the supplies will be well used.  Please also pray for this little girl, and for all the orphans in Bulgaria.

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