Saturday, March 24, 2012

Off Her Feet

Sophie was having a hard time walking yesterday.  We thought it was just a pulled muscle or something, so we told her to rest and it would probably be better in the morning.  In the morning she woke up calling us to help get her out of bed.  She was almost entirely unable to walk.

We had her rest some in the morning but she was not improving, so we took her to see the doctor.  Some blood work and x-rays later it was discovered that her right hip has fluid buildup.  The doctor thinks it might be an immune system reaction to the lung infection she had months ago.  It should clear up in a week or so, but in the mean time she is spending her days on the couch looking at the beautiful spring weather wishing she could be outside.

There is nothing worse then a beautiful spring day when you are unable to enjoy it.


  1. Bummer! We will certainly be praying for her, and for wisdom in getting to the cause of this situation. I come by with some coloring books if I could!

  2. Oops, should be "I'd come by..." Just because I'm sending this from Hong Kong, doesn't mean I've forgotten how to speaka de english!