Thursday, March 1, 2012

School Work

Today, when I went to pick up Sophie at school, I was approached by the grandmother of one of her classmates.  She introduced herself, though I remembered her from an earlier encounter.  She told me how she appreciated having Sophie in the class.  Apparently my daughter has taught her granddaughter some English (specifically the word, “eraser”).  It was nice to hear how these two girls have become friends.

The grandmother also reported how Sophie has been talking to her classmates more and more in Bulgarian.  This was very encouraging to hear.  It is difficult to tell how much she is learning because we rarely see her interact in class.  Yet it is nice to hear that other children are noticing improvement in her language skills.

She certainly has been working hard at understanding.  She comes back from class tired most days, yet her teacher continues to praise her ability to do the course work at a level above many of her classmates.  Sophie also continues to enjoy school.  I’m very proud of her.  If I were in her shoes I might want to stay home most days, but she keeps plugging away at her school work and making friends wherever she can.

Sophie and her Bulgarian homework

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  1. Sophie looks just like her Daddy in this picture. What a studious girl; I'm proud of her, too, for working so hard at her Bulgarian!