Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Changes at the Airport

Yesterday we dropped of some friends at the airport.  As we got off the elevator to get in line for check-in, we were greeted by a security officer who asked us if we were all flying.  I informed her that only three of us were flying.  Sasha and I were just the "porters."  We were then informed that only those flying would be allowed to proceed to the check-in area.

We were a little stumped by this.  We were all used to not being able to escort our friends to the gate and watch them board the aircraft.  It has been over a decade since gate good-byes were a regular practice in most airports, but not being allowed even to go to the check-in with friends was a new one for us.

I asked the security guard why this was the case.  She told me that it is a new security measure related to Israel.  That was all I could get out of her on the subject.  Perhaps this was a one time thing for some dignitary of Israel's protection.  Perhaps it has something to do with the terrorist attack in Burgas earlier this summer, or the fact that yesterday was September 11th.

I have heard that flights to and from Israel are no longer posted on the departure and arrival screens in Bulgarian airports.  I certainly saw nothing listed yesterday.  Perhaps this added security at the entrance will be a permanent thing, or maybe it is just when there is travel to or from Israel in progress.  If it saves lives I'm all for it.  We all know Israel has its share of enemies, and I do not want to continue to see Bulgaria serving as a proxy battleground against God's chosen people.

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