Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Earthquake Damage

Back in May, the Sofia region suffered a major earthquake.  This was back before we moved to our current house.  Our house is old, but it seemed to withstand the earthquake unharmed.  Now however, it appears that there was some damage.

A few weeks ago we noticed that our downstairs bathroom was leaking from the roof.  We checked the upstairs bathroom and could find no reason for the leak.  The only explanation we could think of was that there was a leaky pipe between the two bathrooms.  The plumber came and inspected the problem, and it appears that we were right.  When he took down the false ceiling he found this.

The plumber (who knows this house well) thinks that the damage may have been caused by the earthquake.  He will come back on Thursday and fix the pipe.  He thinks it should be a one day repair job.  Hopefully this is the only damage we will find from the earthquake.


  1. Catching up here on your blog, Dave and Sasha! Good to see you're all doing well!

  2. Were you able to check if there are still other damage that were caused by the earthquake? It would be best to perform an overall check-up of your house, just to be sure. It’s better to see the complications at the earliest time so that these would not worsen. Also, you might want to consider getting a home insurance, as it would help you cover the costs if ever there are needed repairs.

    Fe Penley

  3. You should’ve checked the house carefully before you purchased it. Anyway, when you purchased this house, did you ask if it was already insured? Like what Fe said, consider doing an overall check-up of your house to find if there’s anything that needs to be repaired as well.

    -Barry Bates

  4. It must've been hard for you to see your pipes were severely damage after the earthquake. And, it is harder to accept that you didn't notice this before you bought it. But, I suggest that you apply for home insurance after the repairs are done. So, you will be ensured that your insurance company will be the one to cover for repairs in case disaster strikes again.

    Elnora Cowger