Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spelling Bee

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being the announcer at our local grade school's spelling bee.  This was the first round in the national spelling bee competition.  There were 32 competitors and the final two advance to the next round.  The students did very well, especially considering that they were all spelling in a second language.

Neither of my two school aged daughters participated.  They are both too young, and even if they were older they would not be allowed to compete because they have a native English speaker as a parent.  Still, I knew several of the students from our time at the school.  It was fun to see how hard they tried and how well they did.

I wish the two finalists success in the future rounds.  I would love to see school 122's top English spellers become Bulgaria's top spellers.

Dave presenting the certificates to the two winners.

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