Thursday, April 16, 2015

Flying Solo

My days of travel started on Tuesday April, 14th.  I was staying with my folks in Rockford, IL, and we all drove to Chicago for the day.  It was mostly for work purposes.  We wanted to connect with my alma mater Moody Bible Institute and give the faculty information about job opportunities for graduates with our mission (ReachGlobal).

I had the added bonus of connecting with some former teachers.

Dr. Park was my advisor at Moody.  She also taught several of my classes.  When I knocked on the door of her office she about jumped out of her chair and said, "I know you!"  She actually remembered me and told me I was one of her favorite students.  She also told me she recognized me because I had not ballooned too much.  That made my day.

Dr. Clark was one of my linguistics professors.  He taught me how to learn other languages.  He did not remember me which makes total sense as he has had over 2000 students in his time at Moody, but he was happy to hear that his class set me on the right path to learn two new languages.

After our time at Moody, my folks took me out to eat at Ed Debevic's.  Good food and good service (if you like having your straws thrown at you).

Then my trip actually began.  I got on a plane left Chicago.

It looks like the Cubs had a game.  Can you spot Wrigley Field?

I landed 8 hours later in Munich.

I landed in Bavaria!  Yes, in Bavaria, where the mountains stick out of the ground!
It was at about this time that I learned how to turn off the date stamp on my camera.

After three hours enjoying the finest airport Germany has to offer I boarded my second plane and flew back to beautiful Bulgaria.
Vitosha Mountain with the city of Soifa at the foot.
My neighborhood.  I can see my house from here!

It is good to be home.  It will only be for a week and I'm away from my family, but at least I'm in Bulgaria.

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