Thursday, April 9, 2015

On the Road

Today, I began a long trip back to Bulgaria.  I started this morning with a drive down to Rockford, Illinois where I will stay with my folks for a few days.  On Sunday I will visit Crossview EFC in DeKalb where I will talk about Bulgaria and give a sermon.  Then on Tuesday, I fly back to Sofia.

I will be away from my family for over three weeks.  This is the longest I have been apart from theme since Sasha and I got married, and as I skyped with my three girls this afternoon there were already quite a few tears shed in our Oak Park Heights home.

I am looking forward to seeing some friends in Sofia and family in Kostenets.  I have been given instructions to give our cat a hug from everybody.  I will use this time to get things ready for the family to come back in June.  I will also attend a meeting in Romania with some of my fellow ReachGlobal city team leaders.

For the next day or two I hope to connect with some friends in the area, but other than that I have some time to relax before the long part of the trip begins.

25 days until I get back to Minnesota.