Tuesday, June 7, 2016


The Nessebar land bridge leading to the Old Town
Last weekend Sasha and I left the kids with some friends in Sofia and took a trip to the Black Sea in celebration of 15 years of marriage.  We went to our favorite Black Sea city, Nessebar.  There we enjoyed hours of long walks on the golden beaches thinking back on the decade and a half of marriage we have both enjoyed, as well as engaged in a healthy bit of tourism in town.

Nessebar is a pretty cool place.  Being on the Black Sea makes anything better, but in the case of Nessebar, that's just the icing on the cake.  The Old Town part of the city is located on a peninsula that used to be an island.  (A man made land bridge now connects it to the mainland.)

Old Town was originally a Greek village.  Later it became Roman and then Byzantium and then Bulgarian and then Ottoman and then back to Bulgarian again.  Throughout its long history, it has remained quite a remarkable city.  It is a small island, but it is covered with ancient sites and churches.

Yet despite being a historian's paradise, it is also a vibrant tourist town full of shops, restaurants, and all kinds of aquatic activities.  It is also the year round home to many people.  (Not to mention cats.)

History, swimming, boating, and all around fun; Bulgaria's coast is a great place for an inexpensive and relaxing vacation, and we happen to live less than 4 hours away!  Yet another reason I love living in Bulgaria.

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