Friday, September 23, 2011

Financial Follow-Up

Some of you have written asking about our financial situation since seeing our post last month.  Here is where things currently stand.  Last month we fell over $2,000 below our minimum reserve level.  What this means is that we still have some money in our ministry account, but we are below what our mission would like us to have in reserve.  This means that we are not allowed to reimburse any ministry expenses until our reserve levels are back up to where they need to be, so all of our ministry expenses are coming out of the Bliss bank account for the time being.

Fortunately we did not need a salary cut this month, but if the trend continues we might.  Equally fortunate is that we do not have many major ministry expenses this month, so we are not in trouble with our personal finances.  These are both things that we are thankful for, and once again evidence that God will provide for all of our needs.

To sum up.  Our needs are being met, and neither our family or our ministry are suffering, but money is quite tight at the moment.

What can you do?  The big thing we need right now is prayer.  Please pray that God would provide for all our needs, and that we would have peace and trust Him.

Please also pray for regular pledges (be it monthly, quarterly, or annually).  Such pledges help us make long term plans, and also really encourages us as we see people willing to make regular financial contributions to our ministry.

Of course, the other thing you can do is make a donation to our ministry account.  If you want to give online you can do so here.

If you would like to give through mail, or automatic monthly deductions e-mail us for details.

Either way, we would love it if you send us a note letting us know that you are making a contribution or a pledge.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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