Thursday, September 1, 2011

What a Month!

August was quite a month.  We started out with a terrible stomach flu that nearly canceled our trip to Germany.  Then we picked up a cold that has really slowed down our family.  Finally we went to see a doctor earlier this week, and it turned out that our oldest had a bacterial infection in her lungs.  We now have a kitchen counter full of medication for our girls who are still fighting this persistent bug.  It seems like so long since we have all been healthy, and even longer since Sasha and I got a good chance to rest.

On top of the sicknesses, August has been one of our busiest since arriving in Bulgaria in January.  Not only did we have the conference in Germany.  We have also had 9 overnight guests and seemingly non-stop appointments and meetings.

We did have a lot of fun in August too.  We celebrated Sasha's birthday, and had a great time at the conference.  We also really enjoyed all 9 of our guests.  Still, I'm personally looking forward to the school year beginning so that things can calm down a bit.
Hereare a couple of videos from the children's program at the conference.  Our oldest 2 are up on the stage :)

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